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01/14/2021  This study aims to explore the influence of a 10-week, peer-led Smartphone Peer Physical Activity Counselling (ALLWheel) program on level of physical activity in manual wheelchair users with a spinal cord injury.
11/15/2019  summary
11/15/2019  summary
09/16/2021  Aim to develop a novel intervention that improves falls self-efficacy and balance confidence, and reduces the occurrence of falls and fall-related injuries, for all individuals living with SCI, resulting in increased participation and quality of life.
11/20/2019  The online program aims to provide education and guidance on simple and effective techniques to help people gain control over their pain and emotional wellbeing, improve their confidence, and get back to living a full satisfying life.
07/27/2020  test
07/21/2020  test
07/15/2020  test
11/21/2019  This study aims to understand the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care experiences of women with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities in Ontario. We hope that what we learn can be used to improve care.
12/11/2020  This project seeks to understand the decisions people are making every day about how to structure their day, use their time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a survey, activity monitoring and interviews we seek to identify patterns of time use.
01/04/2021  This study involves an interview about the nature of the support participants receive from family, friends, and peers (i.e. others living with an SCI). Participants will also be asked about their mental health.
01/20/2021  This study examines adults with SCI and their romantic partners' impressions of their relationship and how this relates to their experiences of intimacy, sexuality, and relationship satisfaction
11/20/2020  Participants will complete a questionnaire consisting of 22-items to describe the prevalence of cannabis use in an adult sample with SCI in Canada, and to describe the self-reported reasons and side effects of cannabis use in this sample
08/03/2021  Mindfulness meditation is a form of stress-reduction therapy which improves spinal cord injury pain. We are exploring how it could also improve the outcomes of mental health like perceived stress, pain catastrophizing, and quality of life/sleep.
07/07/2021  We want to understand how the brain of children with SCI activates during the observation and attempted execution of hand movements. We want to understand how such brain activations compare between typically developing children and children with SCI.
09/22/2021  The purpose of this research study is to identify recommendations for an online mindfulness program that suits the specific needs of people with SCI.
11/22/2021  The purpose of this research study is to better understand the relationship between clinical measures of function and mobility and driving performance following spinal cord injury.