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01/14/2021  Participants are randomly assigned to a peer-led physical activity counselling intervention or a control group which receives physical activity materials. Participants complete surveys at three time points. Total duration is 13 hours over a 6-month period
11/15/2019  stuff
11/15/2019  stuff
09/16/2021  This study involves four questionnaires over four time points, tracking of falls over two separate 12-week periods, two photo assignments, two individual interviews, four group meetings, and a final interview. Study activities will span over three phases.
11/20/2019  The program consists of 5 lessons delivered over 8-10 weeks with weekly contact from a trained guide. It generally takes participants an hour a week with brief questionnaires related to symptoms of mood and pain.
07/27/2020  test
07/21/2020  online survey
07/15/2020  test
11/21/2019  Eligible individuals will participate in a 1-2 hour long interview about their pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care experiences. Interviews can be conducted in-person, or by telephone or video-conference (like Skype).
12/11/2020  The study involves completing a 30-45 minute survey three times over 6 months.
01/04/2021  The survey can be completed online, independently, or over the telephone with assistance from the lead researcher. The survey takes between 15 and 30 minutes to complete.
01/20/2021  Completing a confidential online survey with multiple choice questions and some written answers. It will take 20-30 minutes and consist of questions about your SCI, relationship with your romantic partner, mental health, and sexual activities.
11/20/2020  Participants will be asked to complete a 22-item questionnaire related to participant demographics, cannabis use prior to injury, and cannabis use following injury. The questionnaire will be completed online using Google Forms, and will take approximately
08/03/2021  Half of participants will use a mindfulness meditation app for 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks. In weeks 0, 8, and 12 all participants do mindfulness, anxiety/depression, stress, quality of life/sleep, pain, satisfaction, and benefits/side effects surveys.
07/07/2021  4 visits to Holland Bloorview Kid's Rehabilitation hospital each up to 1.5 hours. The participant will be asked to perform and observe hand movements while wearing EEG electrodes on the surface of their head.
09/22/2021  One telephone interview lasting approximately 45-60 minutes
11/22/2021  Individuals will complete a series of clinical assessments for function and mobility (i.e. Berg Balance Scale, Manual Muscle Testing, etc.). Individuals will complete a series of driving sessions (x2) in our driving simulator (i.e. DriverLab).