Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

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User Response

01/14/2021  Participants will be given an honorarium of $50 for each of the three data collection sessions (Total of $150).
09/16/2021  Honorarium of $37.50/hour
07/27/2020  test
07/21/2020  $50 Amazon
07/15/2020  10
11/21/2019  Participants will receive a $50 gift card (Shopper's, Walmart, grocery store) and provided with other accessibility supports, as needed.
12/11/2020  Participants will have the option to enter a draw for a $50 gift card when completing the survey.
01/04/2021  Participants will be entered to win 1 of 3 $50 gift cards (estimated odds of winning: 1 in 50)
01/20/2021  There is a $20 Honoraria for completing the survey.
11/20/2020  As of now, no compensation has been established for participation in this study. This can be discussed if needed.
08/03/2021  A $10 gift card will be given to all participants
07/07/2021  10$ per session and 5.5$ parking pass.
09/22/2021  Visa/Mastercard Giftcard ($100)
11/22/2021  Participants will receive $100/session (3 total sessions) to compensate for time and travel expenses.