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01/14/2021  Effectiveness of a phone-based peer physical activity counselling program for people with SCI
09/16/2021  Through the lens of people with spinal cord injury: Using photovoice to prevent falls
07/27/2020  test
07/21/2020  Online Coaching
07/15/2020  Test
12/11/2020  Time use and well-being during the COVID-19 crisis: Pilot survey
01/04/2021  Community Peer Support Among Individuals Living with Spinal Cord Injury
01/20/2021  Exploring Relations Between Adults with Spinal Cord Injury and Their Romantic Partners/ Explorer les relations entre les adultes atteints de lésions médullaires et leurs partenaires romantiques
11/20/2020  Cannabis Use and Perceptions Among Canadians with Spinal Cord Injury
08/03/2021  Spinal cord injury mental health functional outcomes improved by Mindfulness
07/07/2021  The brain during movement execution and movement observation in children with spinal cord injury
09/22/2021  The development of a tailored online mindfulness program for individuals with spinal cord injury (phase 1: qualitative interviews)
11/22/2021  The utility of clinical measures for determining driving capability following spinal cord injury